About the GlassBarge Tour

Innovation & Connections

In 1868 the Flint Glass Works made a daring business decision to relocate from Brooklyn to Corning NY. The factory was dismantled and packed onto canal boats to make the journey. Since that fateful decision 150 years ago, Corning's innovations have come to include the glass for Edison's incandescent lamp, the first televisions, spacecrafts, telescopes, fiber optics, and today's smartphone Gorilla glass.

This is the story of the growth of New York and America; of industrialization and westward expansion. It is the story of American entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and the canal that helped build America.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of its move, Corning Museum of Glass, in conjunction with South Street Seaport and the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, will retrace this original journey. A flotilla made up of Corning's mobile glassworks GlassBarge, pushed by South Street's historic wooden tugboat W.O. Decker, will be accompanied by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum's 1862 replica canal schooner Lois McClure and tug C.L. Churchill. Beginning in Brooklyn in May, the site from which the original Flint Glass Works departed 150 years ago, these vessels will journey north along the Hudson, enter the Erie Canal near Albany and travel west to Buffalo before returning to the Finger Lakes region in September for a final celebration in Corning NY.

The Lois McClure will then complete a return journey to Burlington Vermont by early October, to another set of celebrations in her home port.

These three historic vessels and the mobile GlassBarge will travel hundreds of miles and visit dozens of communities in this unprecedented voyage. Please join the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and our partners as we travel, learn, and celebrate a heritage of Innovation and Connections in 2018.

See the Visit & Follow link for information about how to participate. We hope to see you along the way!